An opinion article by the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the State of Qatar, H.E. Mr. Rashad Ismayilov, was published in "The Peninsula" newspaper

In his article, the Ambassador said that on November 8, the Azerbaijani people celebrate their historic victory. He noted that the country, which regained its independence in 1991, for 30 years had to celebrate its independence with Karabakh bleeding pain as its territories were occupied in early years of independence. However, all of us Azerbaijanis believed that this heroic nation would never tolerate this injustice and will restore historical justice.

The ambassador stressed that The Patriotic War, which began on September 27, lasted 44 days and resulted in the liberation of our occupied territories, has become the brightest page in our history, a source of pride for the Azerbaijani people. The people of Azerbaijan unified closely around their leader and demonstrated their power, tenacity and bellicosity to the whole world. 'November 8, 2020 is a victorious historical day written by the Supreme Commander and the glorious Azerbaijani soldier that ended 30-year-long occupation', - the Ambassador added.

Ambassador Ismailov also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the states and their peoples for their political support in those difficult and glorious days.

He also said that during almost 30-year-long occupation cities and villages have been destroyed, all cultural and religious sites of Azerbaijan have been looted and plundered. Nine Azerbaijani cities and hundreds of villages have been wiped out. Today Azerbaijan is initiating practical steps aimed at eliminating consequences of the occupation accompanied by massive destruction. During the past year, massive infrastructure work has been implemented and the foundations of the huge projects have been laid. Apart from the Fuzuli International Airport, Azerbaijan has already laid the foundation for two other such airports in the Zangilan and Lachin districts. Highways and railroads in and towards the liberated territories as well as new cities and towns from the scratch are being built by applying the modern urban planning and utilising the concepts of “smart city” and “smart village”.  We will bring life back to this part of Azerbaijan; we will bring peace and development to the whole region where we live - the ambassador added at the conclusion of his article.



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