The Qatari newspaper, Al-Raya, published news about the attack on civilians in Ganja by Armenia

The Qatari newspaper, Al-Raya has published news about the attack on the city of Ganja.

According to the report, 13 civilians were killed as a result of missile attack by Armed forces of Armenia on the city of Ganja at midnight on October 17, 2020.

The report said that the missile attacks on two residential buildings in Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, killed 13 people, seriously injured 45, and caused damage to many buildings, homes, workplaces, vehicles, and others.

The newspaper reported that the Armenian forces violated the humanitarian ceasefire and once again targeted the city of Ganja, which is located far from the combat zone.

The article stated that search and rescue operations are underway to save the bodies of the wounded and dead from the rubble, adding that 52 people have been rescued so far.

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