Aggressive policy of Armenia was condemned in a Friday prayer in Qatar

Sheikh Ali Mohiuddin Al-Qaradaghi, Secretary-General of the Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars, spoke about Armenia's aggression against Azerbaijan in the Friday sermon. Addressing the Muslims gathered to perform Friday prayer, he said that Nagorno Karabakh and the seven adjasent districts are territories of Azerbaijan. He pointed out that this fact had been accepted by the international community, recalling four UN Security Council resolutions. Noting that Armenia is an aggressor, the Secretary-General mentioned that the Islamic monuments were severely damaged during the occupation, and the Islamic holy sites were insulted. He sayd that mosques were destroyed in the occupied Azerbaijani lands, and some mosques were turned into places for animals and warehouses. He said that Armenians banned the call to prayer in the occupied territories for 30 years, adding that for the first time in 30 years, the call to prayer was launched in the newly liberated lands by the Azerbaijani army. He pointed out that as a result of the aggressive policy of Armenia, about a million Azerbaijanis were expelled from their mother lands.

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