Rashad Ismayilov: Armenia is trying to create a new source of conflict in the region through provocative actions

Qatari famous newspaper “The Peninsula” published an article exposing Armenia's recent provocative actions. The article, which includes an interview with Azerbaijani Ambassador to Qatar Rashad Ismayilov, said that Armenia is violating the negotiation process by all means and does not want to withdraw from the occupied Azerbaijani territories. It was stressed that Armenia intends to create new sources of conflict in the region with its recent actions, as well as to involve its political and military organization in this conflict. It was noted that the Armenian government is taking such steps to divert the attention of its population from the difficult socio-economic situation prevails the country.

It was noted in the interview that the latest provocation of Armenia took place not on the line of contact of troops along the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas, but on the state border of both countries. While most of Azerbaijan's western borders are controlled by the country's state border service, the aggressor Armenia has deploye heavy armored vehicles and artillery along the border. The article says that Armenia regularly fires on the civilian population and this is modus operandi and the rule of engagement of of Armenian armed forces. During the recent provocations, the civilian population was again heavily bombarded by the artillery of Armenia.

The article also touched upon international efforts to reduce tensions and noted the statement of the OSCE Minsk Group. A number of organizations and friendly countries, including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Turkish Council, as well as Turkey, Pakistan, Moldova and Saudi Arabia, have made a clear position and strongly condemned the attack by armed forces of Armenia.

The article also highlighted various aspects of Azerbaijani-Qatari relations.

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