An article on the 30th anniversary of the tragedy of January 20 was published in Qatar's prestigious English-language newspaper “The Peninsula”

The article speaks of the determination and will of the people of Azerbaijan in the face of crimes committed by the Soviet military units, noting that January 20, 1990 is a heroic page in the history of Azerbaijan's struggle for freedom and territorial integrity. The article states that, leading of the battle divisions of the Soviet army aimed against wide mass who got out in the streets and squares of Baku to protest against aggressive actions of Armenia, which was raising territorial claims to the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as against protection rendered to this country by the government of the former USSR had brought to the unprecedented tragedy in Azerbaijan.

Although many innocent people were killed during the tragedy of January 20, the incident did not break the spirit of war, persistence and perseverance of the Azerbaijani people. The struggle has led to the independence of Azerbaijan.

The article provides extensive information on the massacres committed by the Soviet army on the night of 19 January to 20 January. It said that notwithstanding gross violation of human rights and mass manslaughter in Azerbaijan, the brutal use of force in Azerbaijan created an anti-force. It buried chances of preserving the collapsing empire and resurrected national movement for independence.

The article notes that pursuant to mass manslaughter in Azerbaijan on January 20, 1990, the National Leader of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev made a statement in Azerbaijan Representative in Moscow, demanding punishment of organizers and executors of the tragedy. The article also said that the full political and legal assessment of the bloody January events was given in 1994, and by the decree of Heydar Aliyev in 1999 all victims of the tragedy were given the honorary title of "20 January martyrs".

At the end of the article it was emphasized that the Azerbaijani people remember and would never forget memory of all fallen heroes in January 20, 1990.

It mentioned that every year, thousands of Azerbaijani citizens visit the graves of those victims buried in Alley of martyrs, a cemetery on the highest part of Baku to pay their tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed themselves in the way freedom and independence of Azerbaijan.

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