Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the State of Qatar arranged a commemorative ceremony to mark the 29th anniversary of the 20 January tragedy

Ceremony brought together Employees of the Embassy, ​​Azerbaijanis living in Qatar, as well as local community and mass media representatives.

The ceremony started with a minute of silence in respect to the memory of the martyrs. Then Ambassador Rashad Ismayilov addressing the participants of the event briefed about the history of the tragedy and the struggle of the Azerbaijani people for independence and freedom.

Speaking about the causes and consequences of the January 20 events, the Ambassador noted that this tragedy was one of the bloodiest events in Azerbaijan's new history, hundreds of our citizens were killed and wounded. On the same day, the citizens of the country, who became martyrs, opened a glorious page in the history of Azerbaijan's independence and freedom struggle.

Ambassador added that the 20 January tragedy further strengthened the will of the Azerbaijani people to establish their own independent state and resulted in a restoration of its independence and freedom shortly after the tragedy.

The event  continued with the screening of the film dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of 20 January.


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