Qatar's Al-Arab newspaper published press release of Ambassador Rashad Ismayilov regarding presidential elections held in Azerbaijan

Qatar's prestigious "Al-Arab" newspaper published press release of the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the State of Qatar Rashad Ismayilov related to the presidential elections held in Azerbaijan.

Ambassador said in a press statement that about 4 million citizens of the country voted in the presidential elections  with heavy voter turnout of 75 percent. Noting that eight candidates were competing for the presidency, the ambassador said more than 60,000 local and international observers were monitoring the voting process.

It was noted that President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, won 86 percent of the votes and was reelected President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The elections were held free, democratic, fair and transparent.

Expressing gratitude to the Qatari side for the support provided for safe voting at the embassy, ​​the Ambassador said the necessary conditions were created to ensure the right of voting of the Azerbaijanis living in Qatar. The Ambassador also noted the existence of strong friendly relations between the people of Azerbaijan and Qatar and the Heads of the States.

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