Khazar University International Scholarship Program

  1. I.Program Statement

KhazarUniversityis the first private University in theSouth Caucasusthat started implementing international education programs with English language as a medium of instruction. Pursuant to its policy and service commitments, the University is proud to announce the Khazar University International Scholarship Program for 2016-2017 (further referred to as KUISP) extended to nationals of all countries without any limitation.

  1. II.General Principles

The guiding principles of the program are as follows:

- All foreign citizens are eligible for KUISP.

- Applicants to bachelor, master and PhD programs are eligible to apply for KUISP.

- Every year two scholarships, each covering the cost of the full tuition fee, will be awarded to citizens of each country who apply toKhazarUniversityprograms.

- The scholarship is provided for one year subject to prolongation based on the academic performance of the grantee.

- The scholarship covers the cost of the tuition fee for one academic year, but does not cover living, travel or other expenses.

-KhazarUniversityconducts evaluation and the selection of submitted applications via document screening and Skype interviews with shortlisted applicants. The details and the time frame of the selection are specified in the KUISP time schedule (Section IV below).

  1. III.Eligibility Criteria

The successful applicants should meet the following criteria:

- Good academic performance records of the previous education stage

- Good English language skills. Standardized English language test scores are not compulsory. However, the applicants with standardized scores (valid TOEFL/IELTS scores: expired scores are not accepted) will have competitive advantage. Holders of International Bachelor degree certificates or diplomas from a high school with English as a major medium of instruction do not need a language skill justification document.

- Motivated to study atKhazarUniversity

- Good communication skills and sociability

  1. IV.Timeline of Application and Selection

KUISP is implemented according to an annually developed and approved implementation plan. Implementation activities, the time scheme and implementing bodies are specified in the table below:





December 10, 2015

Admission and Scholarship Open

April 15, 2016

Deadline for Applications

April – May, 2016

Evaluation and Selection

End of May, 2016

Announcement of Selection Results


  1. V.Scholarship Application Procedure

To apply for the KUISP Scholarship, applicants need to fill in and submit the following two application forms:

  • Khazar University Application for Admission Form for the selected level of study (Bachelor, Master or PhD) along with all required documents listed in the application form
  • KUISP Application Form

Both application forms can be downloaded from KhazarUniversity’s website:http://www.khazar.org/s7938/How-to-Apply/en

Completed applications should be sent to the International Affairs Office by email or post.

Electronic submissions are highly encouraged.






International Affairs Office

41 Mehseti Street

Baku, AZ1096, Azerbaijan

  1. VI. Application Deadline

Deadline for applications is April 15, 2016. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. VII. Contact Information

Tel.:     (+994 12) 421 79 16 (extension 240)

(+994 12) 421 17 08 (direct)

Email: international@khazar.org

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